Running with Courage by Zenetria Ward

Many people tell you that entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart. And many people going into business wonder why. Well, it’s because stepping into your dreams takes courage. Courage lies at the very seat of your soul. And as you transcend this journey of entrepreneurship and making this world better, know that there will be people and life’s circumstances along the way that will try to steal your courage and bury your dreams. But never forget why you started. You are on this journey because you were given a vision and a purpose greater than yourself. And deep down inside of you, that vision and purpose permeate the very fiber of your will and undergirds the faucet of your imagination. For this reason, you must have faith in yourself when no one else has faith in you. You must stand firm in knowing that you were designed with skills and talents to help you move forward in this world and that no other person can be the masterpiece that is you.

Here’s some news, you don’t have to wait until you cross the finish line to consider yourself successful. You can be successful every day, but you must move forward. Again, you must move forward. Moving forward in the right direction is success. You may have to crawl before you walk, but crawling is success. You may have to walk before you run, but walking is also success. You may be walking for a while, but take every step with hope, faith, courage, and ambition knowing that there is much more down the road if you run on and just don’t quit. Although awards and acknowledgments are outstanding, and they help motivate, true success is knowing who you are, and what you are supposed to do and following suit every step of the way.

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Zenetria Ward

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