How SCORE helped. 

It took several years of research and a focused business plan to secure the funding required for the

company to commence operations in late 2011. Currently, the company has a client roster numbering

in the hundreds and provides boarding & daycare services to over 450 dogs each month on average.

Our Grooming has also become a very strong revenue stream and continues to grow on par with our


After months of market research and formulation of our business plan we met with SCORE to have a

thorough review. Since we would be using our business plan to secure startup capital we wanted to

make sure we had all the bases covered and that our plan demonstrated that our idea was lucrative,

logical and had provisions for risk mitigation. Our SCORE counselor was able to identify key weaknesses

in our plan that had to be addressed before going forward.

An added benefit of working with SCORE was the broad knowledge base held by their counselors;

regardless of the problem we faced whether it be in marketing, finance or accounting there was usually

a SCORE counselor who could lend aid or at the very least, introduce us to someone who could.


What's great about my mentor? 

Bob is honest, straightforward and conveys a genuine desire to see our business flourish. He was

invaluable in finding shortcomings and offering suggestions for shoring up weaknesses in our business

plan. His philosophy that our plan should answer all questions before they are asked went a long way in

demonstrating to investors that we “did our homework” and gave great thought to mitigating risk.

As the company continues its steady growth, we will continue to seek guidance from Bob and SCORE to

navigate the pitfalls of business growth and expansion.

BARKS Dog Daycare