I went to SCORE Savannah to find help in starting Foxy Loxy, my café gallery in Savannah.  My background is in art (MFA) but I needed assistance in the business side of this venture.

Check our website http://foxyloxycafe.com/


My Successes: 

I am glad to report that after 10 months of Foxy Loxy operations I am working on a second location in Downtown Savannah.  Thanks Ken.

How SCORE Helped: 

Since I did not need financing and was determined to open this business, Ken Zapp, my Score mentor, did not require that we develop a full business plan.  Instead, we developed a cash flow analysis.  This helped me anticipate the costs of starting this new business and the challenge of producing positive cash flow. 



What's Great About My Mentor?: 

During our meetings every two weeks in summer, 2011 we discussed more than just the cash flow.  Ken was able to answer a wide range of questions I had not initially thought about.  In fact, having him there proved to be even more important than the financial details; he helped me talk through many frustrating challenges.  More than anything, he helped me gain confidence in myself.

Foxy Loxy