Meet your local SCORE Leadership Team?

Our local chapter is located in Savannah, Georgia. SCORE Savannah has a team of roughly 47 individuals that support local business owners from a wide variety of topics. Find your mentor today!

Warren Bimblick

Warren Bimblick, Chapter Chair

Warren Bimblick is the acting chapter chair. He is also in charge of the SCORE Savannah website. Warren can hep with business planning, non-profits, start-ups and marketing and has a special focus on service and media businesses.

Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel, Vice Chair

Michael Siegel is the Vice Chair of SCORE Savannah. He has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, in starting and growing businesses, franchising, business automation, process improvement, team building, leadership, operational management, planning, project management, mergers and acquisitions, and sales.

Jess Belfry

Jess Belfry, Chapter Leader Advisor

Jess Belfry is the Chapter Leader Advisor. She can help you in the areas of business startup, branding, employee relations, business acquisitions, environmentally-friendly business practices, budgeting, and goal-setting. Her career background is in the beauty industry including botanically-blended manufacturing, product launch, sales education, team building, and client engagement.

Ned Duffy

Ned Duffy, Treasurer

Ned Duffy is the Treasurer for SCORE Savannah. He can help you with financing options, financial management, cash flow analysis, financial projections, and composing business plans.


DeLisa Clift

DeLisa Clift, Chapter Champion

DeLisa Clift can help companies that are in the ideation, planning and implementation, and growth phases of their business create the strategies that will help them operate a successful and profitable business.

Ned Duffy

Renee Miller, KPI Analyst

Renee Miller's specialties include but not limited to: LLC formation, Information gathering, team building and managment, resume writing, proof-reading, contract evaluation, underwriting guideline explanations, academic research, return on investment evaluation, timelines, project management, presentation building, event planning, song/hook writing, publishing company formation, ASCAP navigation, royalty distributions, and more.

Liz Kelley

Liz Kelley, Marketing Chair

Liz is proud to champion our SCORE chapter as Marketing Chair. With a background in graphic design and marketing, Liz joined SCORE to help small businesses better market the incredible services and products they provide to their communities. Her specialities include web design, branding, social media, and digital marketing.