Twelve years ago, following extensive market research, Greg and Marcia Stinson decided to purchase the franchise rights to start a Comfort Keepers serving the Savannah area. Although neither of the Stinsons had prior experience in the home health care field they were confident that their business management experience, high energy levels and commitment to superior client service would lead to a successful business venture.

Their relationship with Savannah SCORE began with a telephone call from their home In Peoria, Illinois to the SCORE office. The following morning a well researched business plan arrived at the SCORE office for our review.

My successes. 

Armed with an SBA guaranteed loan, the necessary licenses and a solid plan, Comfort Keepers opened for business in 2005. Today Comfort Keepers is solidly profitable with a staff of more than fifty employees generating more than one million dollars in annual revenue. As a further testament to their success, the Savannah franchise has earned several awards from the National Comfort keepers office highlighting their outstanding performance.

How SCORE helped. 

Below are comments from the Stinsons regarding the advice SCORE has offered throughout the various phases of their business development.

“SCORE challenged our sales plan projections prompting a review of our underlying assumptions.”

“SCORE stressed the importance of financial discipline during the crucial start-up period. This included budgeting and carefully managing cash flow”.

“SCORE facilitated long range planning meetings which led to a rethinking of the franchise’s goals and priorities.”

“Perhaps, most importantly SCORE’s understanding of our business operations and goals have enabled them to serve as a valuable resource throughout the past twelve years --- including serving as an advisory committee during the crucial start-up years.

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